Enhancing Fig's Unique Cell Phone Experience

AKKO’s Swift Integration and Support Solution to Promote a Premium Buying Experience.


Fig, a manufacturer specializing in cell phones tailored for Orthodox Jews with a custom OS and specific religious applications, aimed to deliver a premium buying and ownership experience for their unique customer base. Seeking a partner capable of managing device protection and ensuring a seamless customer journey, Fig collaborated with AKKO. The challenge lay in finding a partner that could integrate into Fig’s point-of-sale system and develop a tailored solution for device claims and customer support. Within an impressive one-week timeline, AKKO seamlessly integrated into Fig’s point-of-sale system and designed a bespoke integration flow for device claims and customer support.

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Fig faced several challenges in their pursuit of delivering a premium buying and ownership experience to their customers.  As a niche product manufacturer, their quest for a tailored protection solution posed a significant hurdle. Amidst the launch of their latest generation model with imminent large shipments, the urgency to secure a fitting protection plan, especially one that aligned with their brand’s essence, added to their complexity. 


With a substantial portion of distribution occurring through physical retail outlets in communities representing their core demographic, Fig grappled with finding a partner capable of supporting diverse distribution channels effectively.  


Expanding their service to include extended warranties on their devices further compounded their problems. Ensuring seamless coverage across these channels while maintaining the brand’s integrity became a pressing concern.



AKKO swiftly aided Fig in launching their protection program without volume constraints, enabling sales within a week of Fig’s new device launch. Seamless integration with Shopify and a rapid online checkout flow deployment ensured immediate availability. AKKO facilitated multi-channel distribution through retail and web-based POS, streamlining sales and enabling targeted promotions to past customers.


Renowned for exceptional customer service, AKKO brought its top-rated claims platform to Fig. This digital-first solution allowed seamless issue reporting, efficient claims triage, and continuous support via various channels. AKKO’s meticulous record-keeping capabilities segmented claims, distinguishing manufacturer-handled issues from those under extended warranties, optimizing Fig’s claims management.


By logging every device claim, AKKO ensured precise segmentation of Fig consumers based on distinct criteria. This detailed categorization empowered Fig with invaluable insights, streamlining their claims process. AKKO’s system ensured accurate handling of claims scenarios, optimizing Fig’s resources and enhancing customer satisfaction by delivering prompt and tailored solutions based on the specific coverage each claim warranted.


AKKO’s Swift Integration and Support Solution to Promote a Premium Buying Experience.

Rapid Sales Growth and Customer Satisfaction

Through AKKO’s assistance, Fig experienced a surge in protection plan sales, attaining remarkable success in the market. This influx of plan sales not only amplified Fig’s revenue stream but also translated into elevated customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Company Morale and Focus on Core Business

AKKO’s streamlined warranty coordination brought significant relief to Fig’s operational load. Fig’s satisfaction as a company soared as they redirected their focus from warranty management to core business areas.

Empowered Partnerships and Trust in Brand

AKKO’s robust warranty handling instilled confidence in Fig’s retail partners. Retailers felt assured selling Fig’s devices, knowing customers would receive comprehensive coverage post-sale. 

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