Amplifying Koko’s Customer Satisfaction

AKKO’s White-Labeled Solution Fuels Global Expansion and Warranty Management.


The Koko Smartphone Projector is an innovative smartphone designed to amplify consumer’s viewing experience by projecting their smartphone content onto a larger screen. Koko wanted a partner who could provide a premium buying and checkout experience, who could also handle coordination of manufacturer warranty claims, the operational burden of processing, and address reported malfunctions and defects of customer’s products. AKKO was able to provide a white-labeled solution for Koko that allowed them to remedy device issues, handle manufacturer warranty claims, deploy globally, and increase their overall brand footprint and impact. 

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Koko faced several challenges in their quest to establish a premium buying experience, akin to AppleCare. Their primary concern was finding a partner capable of delivering a similar top-tier customer journey, from purchase to claims. Koko sought a provider offering exceptional buying experiences coupled with seamless local repair services. Additionally, they were keen on incorporating a claims process that mirrored Apple’s renowned efficiency. However, finding a partner adept at local servicing, international distribution, and reverse logistics to support their global market aspirations was a daunting task.


Expanding beyond their initial scope, Koko aimed to capitalize on a lucrative revenue stream through protection plans, envisioning coverage for not only their flagship phone but also envisaging future expansions to cover a spectrum of Koko products. Their vision extended to offering upsells for home devices, emphasizing the need for a partner capable of managing a diverse array of protection plans efficiently. Despite their ambitions, finding a partner capable of scaling protection programs beyond phones to encompass tablets and other devices while ensuring seamless integration remained a significant hurdle.


Moreover, Koko grappled with finding a provider that comprehended the intricacies of their phone’s unique construction. Their device incorporated intricate and costly components, posing challenges in finding a partner willing to support Koko’s launch despite the complex nature of their product. Additionally, Koko struggled with the operational burden of processing reported malfunctions or defects from customers, along with coordinating manufacturer warranty claims, further complicating their journey towards establishing a comprehensive protection program.



AKKO provided Koko with unparalleled solutions that seamlessly addressed multiple challenges. Boasting a network of over 1,200 registered repair shops in the US and Canada, each vetted for excellence and offering extended warranties, AKKO equipped Koko with a repair infrastructure surpassing major OEMs like Apple or Samsung. This ensured a vast repair footprint right at Koko’s launch, amplifying their support network for future device servicing.


Utilizing a cutting-edge cloud-based claims platform powered by Google Cloud Platform (GCP), AKKO facilitated Koko’s global distribution plans seamlessly. With AKKO’s robust capabilities, including global partnerships, Koko could rely on a single partner for claims support, distribution, and reverse logistics worldwide, streamlining their global device operations.


AKKO’s tailored protection plan offerings, including bundled home device protection plans, presented Koko with opportunities for substantial margin increases and a robust recurring revenue stream. Leveraging AKKO’s proprietary risk assessment processes, Koko successfully insured their unique patented components, ensuring their one-of-a-kind device could be covered under the protection plan program.


Additionally, AKKO’s fully digital and automated claims platform revolutionized Koko’s customer support journey. With a white-labeled platform, customers could effortlessly report device issues, facilitating manufacturer warranty claims swiftly and efficiently. AKKO’s system took the burden off Koko’s team by managing the tracking and logging of manufacturer defects and malfunctions, streamlining operations while enhancing the overall customer experience.





AKKO’s White-Labeled Solution Fuels Global Expansion and Warranty Management

Expanded Repair Footprint, Enhanced Service Quality

With AKKO’s extensive repair shop network and sterling reputation, Koko experienced an immediate amplification in their repair infrastructure, surpassing major industry players. This resulted in an expanded repair footprint right from the product launch, ensuring top-notch repair services with extended warranties for customers, significantly boosting service quality and reliability.

Streamlined Global Operations, Unified Support Partner

Leveraging AKKO’s cloud-based claims platform and global capabilities, Koko seamlessly executed their global distribution plans. AKKO’s digitally native platform aligned perfectly with Koko’s global ambitions, allowing them to streamline claims support, distribution, and reverse logistics worldwide. Koko benefited from a unified partner for diverse operations, simplifying processes and ensuring consistent support across regions.

Revenue Growth, Comprehensive Protection

AKKO’s tailored protection plans empowered Koko with substantial margin increases and a robust recurring revenue stream. By leveraging AKKO’s risk assessment processes, Koko successfully insured their unique patented components, expanding coverage beyond the device to include bundled home device protection plans. 

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