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manufacturer's warranty

Device Manufacturer Warranty Problems: 7 Things to Watch Out For

manufacturer's warranty

When you buy a mobile phone, camera, laptop, or any other electronic device, you do so with the intention that it will serve you for a substantial period of time without any issues due to the manufacturer’s design defects or faults. You want to know that your phone or laptop is designed and manufactured to expected standards and won’t break down or have any defects for its designated “life.” Manufacturers are aware of this, and that’s why some of them provide warranties on their devices.

A manufacturer or factory warranty is offered to you as a promise that the manufacturer, vendor, or seller, backs the device against design defects. The warranty is the device manufacturer’s guarantee that they are responsible for repairing or replacing the device whenever necessary if problems arise within a certain period of time. The manufacturer can do the repairs or replacements themselves or cover the costs by working with dealers and vendors.

However, the manufacturer doesn’t cover costs for every problem –the issues must be due to the manufacturer’s design errors. Thus, a manufacturer warranty excludes any other cost outside of that. For instance, you wouldn’t expect Apple to replace or repair your iPhone’s screen after dropping and cracking it, even if that happened within the warranty period.

In most cases, manufacturers include their warranty in the price of the device. While a manufacturer warranty may sound like a good deal, it’s not all that mellow. In this article, we explore some problems with manufacturer warranties on devices and why AKKO is your ultimate solution.

Let’s get into it!

1. Their Coverage is Limited

Unlike other warranties or insurance covers, manufacturer warranties don’t cover much –they mainly cover design defects and not consequential damages. For instance, a phone manufacturer won’t repair or replace your phone for a cracked screen, spills and liquid damages, vandalism, theft, accidental damages like drops, or parts breakdown even if they occur before the warranty expires. As so, you’ll have to cover the costs yourself. That’s why it’s advisable to protect your devices, whether personal or for business, with reliable protection and affordable provider.

2. They Are Not Free

Many people are misguided to believe that manufacturer warranties are free. Well, that’s not the case; companies don’t want you to know this. Manufacturers will include the warranty in the price of the device, meaning you end up paying for a service that should be given to you for free. Sometimes, the amount may be even higher than paying premiums for a cover with an independent insurer.

3. Some Are Very Short

Every device manufacturer is out there to maximize profits. That’s why some of them make their warranties very short to avoid repairs and replacements. While most go for 12 months, it’s not surprising to find a manufacturer warranty going for only six months.

Due to manufacturer warranties’ short coverage period, some people are forced to seek extended warranties from third-party warranty providers at an additional cost. However, extended warranties aren’t as worthwhile, and many consider them a waste of money. Again, some providers aren’t reliable –a provider might go out of business while your warranty is still valid, repairs might take longer, or it might require multiple tries to fix a device. Furthermore, the price of repairs in a repair shop is usually lower than what you’d spend on an extended warranty.

4. Their Terms Are Difficult To Understand

Manufacturer warranties are mostly written in business jargon that might be difficult to understand. For instance, you would need to read further or ask the vendor to differentiate between a limited and conditioned warranty.

Again, you must go through the warranty carefully to understand the terms. But, let’s face it! Most of us don’t bother or don’t have the time to go through multiple pages of the terms of warranties when buying devices. We just go with the basic idea that the manufacturer will fix, replace, or refund in case of damage(s).

5. Not Easy To Get a Replacement

Rarely do manufacturers replace faulty devices despite the provision in their warranties. Remember, a replacement is a loss to them. Most of them will take you through rounds of unsuccessful repairs before they decide to replace your device. That’s if you don’t get tired and give up altogether.

6. Only Covers One Device

A manufacturer warranty will cover only a single device; you must keep warranty forms for all your devices. It’s somehow inconvenient since you can easily lose the warranty documents. You must keep tabs on your phone’s printer, laptop, and every other device’s warranty. Just imagine the hassle of having to follow up on multiple warranty claims if something happened with several devices.

For instance, AppleCare’s limited warranty provides one year of hardware repair and up 90 days of complimentary technical support for an iPhone. That means you have to get another warranty for your iPad or MacBook.

7. Only For New Devices

Manufacturer warranties are only for new devices for a specific period beyond which the warrantees become invalid. So, what happens to your old devices if they get damaged or stolen? We have the ultimate solution.

The Solution

While manufacturer warranties cover your device for some time, they’re somehow inconvenient in terms of the number of devices they cover, understanding their terms, coverage period, and limited coverage. But, don’t worry! We at AKKO are here to help you deal with these shortcomings.  

Our protection plans are flexible and allow you to protect your phone, clothes, sports gear, or other devices (new or old) against many uncertainties, including theft, vandalism, breakdown, accidental damages like drops, spills, and many more. All you have to do is register with us. Once registered, you can select one (1) phone plus any 25 of your eligible items or devices to load into your AKKO account and enjoy affordable repairs and replacements.

We are the best in what we do, and that’s why we rate highly against some of our competitors like Verizon, T-Mobile, Geek Squad, SquareTrade, and AppleCare.

Please don’t hesitate to sign up today and enjoy convenient, affordable protection for your devices and personal items.

Manufacturer Warranties FAQs

  • How long are manufacturer warranties?

The coverage period of manufacturer warranties varies among manufacturers. They can be between a few months to years, after which they expire.

  • How do I find my manufacturer’s warranty?

The attendant or vendor will usually give you the warranty form to fill out upon buying a device. Don’t hesitate to ask for one.

  • Is a manufacturer warranty free?

While it might seem so, a manufacturer warranty isn’t entirely free. The cost is usually included in the device’s price.

  • What’s the difference between a manufacturer warranty and an extended warranty?

The manufacturer provides manufacturer warranties as part of the device cost. Extend warranties, on the other hand, are sold by providers to cover uncertainties not covered by the manufacturer or extend the coverage period.


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We treat you like we want to be treated

We built AKKO as the insurance we wanted. Full coverage. Customer service that truly cares. 
Fair prices. And no hidden terms, ever. Crazy? Maybe. But it’s just the right thing to do.

Recent Post
We treat you like we want to be treated

We built AKKO as the insurance we wanted. Full coverage. Customer service that truly cares. 
Fair prices. And no hidden terms, ever. Crazy? Maybe. But it’s just the right thing to do.