Nest Thermostat Warranty

Nest Thermostat Warranty: What to Do When Your Warranty Policy Expires

Nest Thermostat Warranty

Nest thermostat warranty is a fundamental policy that any Nest thermostat owner should make sure they have. Nest Labs has been steadfast in ensuring that all the electronic products on offer have the necessary warranty programs. Such policies are essential as they attract customers while keeping the company competitive.

However, this doesn’t mean that everything will always be straightforward regarding warranty policies. Therefore, it is necessary to keep yourself informed about the Nest thermostat warranty agreement. Here are some critical questions you should understand to be on the safe side.

Does Nest Thermostat Come with a Warranty?

Electronic products such as ring protect are delicate and can get damaged easily. That is why most electronic companies sell such products with warranty programs to protect their customers. Generally, warranties are contractual obligations that product manufacturers offer to their customers. Such agreements mandate the manufacturing company to repair the product in case of any damage.

Nest Labs provides warranty programs to all Nest branded products as a leading electronic organization globally. In this case, Nest thermostat and other home electronics such as ring devices come with a warranty. In addition, the warranty policies that this company has been offering include repair and replacement where the device is damaged beyond repair.

How Long is the Nest Thermostat Warranty?

In every warranty program, manufacturing companies are also concerned about their interests. Therefore, such entities don’t want to repair and maintain bought products for many years. That is why there is a defined warranty period. This means that the company will only provide repair and replacement for a limited time beyond which customers will pay for such services.

According to Nest Labs, the warranty period varies from one product to another. For example, a basic Nest thermostat has a limited warranty period of not more than one year. However, for those who purchase Nest Thermostat E, the company provides an extended warranty period of two years. Therefore, based on the brand of Nest thermostat you’ve purchased, it is essential to sign the right warranty policy.

Noteworthy, warranty programs don’t work automatically. Instead, you need to prove that negligence is not the reason why your ring video doorbell is not working. In any case, working with a Nest Pro for installation will exclude you from possible liabilities.

How do You Check if Your Nest Thermostat is Still Under Warranty?

As discussed above, a Nest thermostat warranty doesn’t last forever. In most cases, the policy is only active within two years. Therefore, this is the only prime time that the manufacturing organization will willingly provide free repair services or sometimes replacements when circumstances demand.

Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t keep details about the validity of their warranty policies. As a result, some call the company when it is too late to access free services. If you want to avoid the disappointments of an expired warranty policy, it is essential to check on your purchase receipts or warranty agreements. If everything is not clear, Nest Labs’ customer care assistant will clarify the validity of your warranty.

How Much Do You Need to Fix a Nest Thermostat?

Just like any other electrical equipment, your Nest thermostat will have some common problems that you’ll have to solve regularly. Some of these problems include:

  • Unresponsive and Blinking Thermostat
  • Low Battery Issues
  • The Nest Thermostat Button Failing to Work
  • Vents Releasing Hot instead of Cold Air

If you have basic electrical knowledge, you’ll probably solve some of the thermostat problems discussed above. However, it is always advisable to work with an experienced electrical technician to avoid further damages to your Nest thermostat.

In cases where your warranty policy has expired, you must be prepared to pay for repair services. The cost of Nest thermostat repair varies from one region to the other. However, you should always be ready to pay between $15 and $250 for labor based on the level of repair needed.

How Do I Insure My Nest Thermostat Once the Warranty Expires?

As highlighted earlier, the Nest thermostat warranty will only be valid for a period not exceeding two years. After the contract expires, you’ll be solely responsible for all the repair and maintenance expenses on your device. Some people have turned to home insurance policies to transfer repair expenses. However, this is only limited to those people with home insurance policies.

However, you don’t have to worry if you don’t have a home insurance policy. Some progressive organizations offer electronic protection plans to students and people interested in protecting their electronic devices. These organizations cover repair and replacements expenses in cases where theft has been reported. You don’t have to cater for repair expenses when you can get yourself an affordable Nest thermostat protection policy.

Keep Your Nest Thermostat Protected with AKKO Insurance

As trends have shown, the majority of people have been struggling to get the best insurance company to protect their Nest thermostats. Some Nest thermostat owners have opted to handle their repair and maintenance expenses due to the high cost of Nest thermostat insurance coverage. However, you don’t have to struggle again with your expired Nest thermostat warranty policy. AKKO Insurance provides the most affordable, $15 monthly, Nest thermostat protection plans.

As an experienced insurance company, AKKO focuses on being the best entity that relieves you from the pain of paying for repairs and maintenance. AKKO helps to keep your home electronics protected while offering unmatched customer services such as;

  • Quick Registration Process
  • Easy Repairs and Replacements
  • Full Item Protection
  • Quick Response to Customers

Why You Should Consider AKKO for Electronic Protection Plan

As a veteran insurance organization, we’ve diversified our coverage area to meet the needs of our customers in family plans, phone protection plans, and business devices. AKKO insures 1 phone + all your electronic devices and more (25 items total) for $15 a month. We believe in assisting our customers in getting an affordable protection plan with a fast and easy claim process.

Contact us today for favorable and affordable Nest thermostat insurance protection if you have an expired Nest thermostat warranty policy.


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Recent Posts
We treat you like we want to be treated

We built AKKO as the insurance we wanted. Full coverage. Customer service that truly cares. 
Fair prices. And no hidden terms, ever. Crazy? Maybe. But it’s just the right thing to do.

Recent Post
We treat you like we want to be treated

We built AKKO as the insurance we wanted. Full coverage. Customer service that truly cares. 
Fair prices. And no hidden terms, ever. Crazy? Maybe. But it’s just the right thing to do.