playstation controller warranty

What to Do When Your Playstation Controller Warranty Is Up

playstation controller warranty

These days, the Playstation gaming console is so popular that even people who don’t play video games of any kind have likely heard of it. However, if you’re an avid or even casual gamer, you’ve definitely heard of the Playstation. You might have even owned a generation or two of this iconic console at some point in your gaming history.

The Playstation is an extremely versatile device that can run a huge variety of video games — it can even play DVDs. 

Since the original release of the Playstation in 1994, Sony has released a large number of new and updated consoles that meet the growing demands of video game players all over the world.

If you’ve ever owned a Playstation or similar console, you know that such a high-level device can be a significant investment. But do you know how important it is to protect your device from damage and theft? 

Like most electronic devices of its caliber, the Playstation comes with a manufacturer’s warranty in order to protect new Playstation owners from having to pay out of pocket if they experience certain issues.

Warranties that come from the manufacturer are essentially a contractual promise that the manufacturer will repair or replace your device if you purchased it with some kind of structural damage in place. This could include a missing part, internal hardware damage, or a software malfunction that only becomes clear when you try to use the device.

Typically, warranties only cover internal issues that are the fault of the manufacturer. They aren’t designed to address theft, loss, external damage, or anything else that could be caused by the owner of the device after purchase. That’s why most warranties only extend coverage for a limited time, as internal malfunctions will usually make themselves known within a few months of use.

Most Playstation owners assume that warranty coverage protects the console itself but not any of its accessories, such as controllers. 

However, Playstation controllers actually come with their own warranties that cover internal malfunctions or defects specific to the controller. 

Let’s find out a little bit more about the Playstation controller warranty coverage, especially in the system’s later models, such as the PS4 and PS5. 

How Long Is the Warranty on a Playstation 5 Controller? 

The Playstation 5 is the newest model from Sony. It was sold out across many of the world’s biggest electronics retailers for weeks after its initial release. However, this model of Playstation was not completely free of defects, which is why the sale of the PS5 comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty on the console itself, as well as on any controllers included in the original console packaging.

If your PS5 controller is experiencing issues within one year of purchase, you can visit the Playstation Support page to find a solution that matches the nature of your controller’s problem. 

Many Playstation 5 owners experience stick drift, a situation in which the analog sticks on the controller will drift in unwanted directions without prompting during gameplay.

If an issue you’re experiencing is consistent with PS5 controller malfunctions that could stem from a manufacturer issue, you can send your controller to Sony to be serviced or, in some cases, receive a replacement controller. 

However, if the one-year warranty period has already elapsed, you may be responsible to have your controller repaired or replaced yourself. 

How Long Is the Warranty on a Playstation 4 Controller? 

The Playstation 4 is another beloved console that is still owned and used by avid gamers around the world. The PS4 controller comes with the same manufacturer’s warranty for one year after the date of purchase. Owners of the Playstation 4 often experience similar internal issues with the device, such as stick drift.

The different legal rights provided by warranties will vary from state to state. However, the PS4 controller warranty never covers damage caused by the use of items for game enhancement that were not sold or licensed by Sony. 

Additionally, you may not be able to take advantage of your original warranty if the product’s serial number has been removed or altered in any way.

Some states and provinces practice the concept of implied warranties with electronic devices, which is the implicit assurance that a product is fit to serve its purpose within the reasonable expectations of a buyer. 

Ask your Playstation retailer whether your state or province puts limitations on the timeframe of an implied warranty. 

How Often Do Playstation Controllers Need to Be Replaced? 

Like many electronic devices, how often you’ll have to replace your Playstation controller will depend on several factors, like whether your controller has experienced any mechanical defects, how often you use your controller, and how much effort you put into maintaining the functionality of your controller.

Many Playstation owners are able to enjoy their controllers for one to two years before experiencing any stick drift or similar functionality issues. Batteries have to be replaced every year or so depending on how often the controllers are used. 

If a stick or button stops working on your controller but you’ve already aged out of your warranty period, you can still opt to send the device to Sony to get repaired for a fee or simply trade it in at a local gaming retail shop and purchase a new one. 

How Do I Insure My Playstation Controllers Once the Warranty Expires? 

There are so many common Playstation controller issues that simply aren’t covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, even if they occur within the period of one year after purchase. 

However, once your Playstation controller warranty period is up, you’ll be left without protection of any kind unless you get gadget insurance for your Playstation.

Just like you can insure your car or home against damage, you can insure valuable pieces of equipment, such as your Playstation console and controllers so that you won’t be responsible for an out-of-pocket expense if you experience theft or accidentally damage your equipment. 

In fact, with gadget insurance like AKKO’s “Everything Protected” plan, you can protect much more than just your Playstation controllers, all at an extremely affordable price.

AKKO offers some of the most comprehensive and inexpensive phone protection plans in the industry, but we didn’t stop there. The “Everything Protected” plan covers your smartphone along 25 of your most valuable items — from electronics to clothes to personal transportation and much more.

Once your Playstation controller warranty expires, don’t let yourself be caught without protection from the issues life can throw at you. With the option to insure your smartphone and multiple other personal items all at once, where else can you find a plan with so much value?

AKKO offers levels of gadget protection that are comparable to major companies such as AppleCare, SquareTrade, Geek Squad, and many more — but we also offer lower monthly rates and deductibles than almost every other electronics insurance plan on the market today. 

You can save even more by bundling multiple users on a family plan or accessing special pricing for students. For just a single low monthly price, you can rest assured that your smartphone, your Playstation controllers, and other valuable items are protected in the event of theft or accidental damage.   

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a PS5 Controller? 

If you’re experiencing a functionality issue with your PS5 controller, the cost to fix it will depend largely on whether your device is still covered under warranty and whether the issue is included within your warranty agreement. 

Many PS5 owners have experienced significant stick drift with the new DualSense controller, which is covered under the warranty as long as the one-year time period hasn’t already passed since your date of purchase.

If your issue is still covered under your warranty, you can receive controller repair from Sony free of charge. However, you may still have to pay the shipping cost to get your controller to their facility, which can range in price, depending on where you live. 

Sony will typically cover the return shipping cost once your repair is complete, though you may have to wait several weeks for your controller to ship, receive repairs, and get shipped back to you. 

Keep All of Your Gadgets Protected with AKKO Insurance 

Playstations are not cheap consoles. A repair or replacement on an accessory device or the console itself could cost hundreds of dollars if you don’t have warranty coverage or gadget insurance. After all, having to face yet another expense after investing in such a high-level device can cause serious stress.

Playstation controller warranty coverage will only take you so far when it comes to all of the possible damages that can occur. 

With AKKO device insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that a wide variety of malfunctions will be covered, allowing you to enjoy your gaming experience stress-free. Plus, you simply can’t beat the convenience of keeping your smartphone and 25 of your most valuable personal items covered all under a single plan.  


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We treat you like we want to be treated

We built AKKO as the insurance we wanted. Full coverage. Customer service that truly cares. 
Fair prices. And no hidden terms, ever. Crazy? Maybe. But it’s just the right thing to do.

Recent Post
We treat you like we want to be treated

We built AKKO as the insurance we wanted. Full coverage. Customer service that truly cares. 
Fair prices. And no hidden terms, ever. Crazy? Maybe. But it’s just the right thing to do.