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Ray Ban warranty

Ray Ban Warranty – Everything You Need To Know

Ray Ban warranty

Ray-Ban makes millions of pairs of sunglasses and glasses each year, meaning there should be a great warranty to protect their hard work and investment. There are many online reviews about the Ray-Ban warranty; some give positive answers, others give negative answers, and some say it depends on the store where you bought your glasses. But here is everything you need to know about Ray-Ban’s warranty policy:

Is Ray-Bans Covered Under Warranty?

Yes. All Ray-Bans are covered under warranty against manufacturer defects for two years from the date of purchase. If your pair of Ray-Bans have been damaged due to a manufacturing defect, contact them with your proof of purchase (invoice), name, address, and a brief description of what happened so that they can provide you with further instructions on how to proceed with your claim.

How Long Is The Ray-Bans Warranty?

It’s important to know that Ray-Ban does not offer a lifetime warranty on their sunglasses frames or lenses. However, they cover their products with a two-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship from the date of purchase.

If you have any problems with your sunglasses within this period, you can take them back to any authorized retailer where you bought them for repair or replacement at no charge to you. You will only need to pay for shipping costs if your glasses are sent back to an authorized retailer outside your country of residence.

Suppose you bought your glasses directly from Amazon instead of an authorized retailer. In that case, it might be difficult for you to get them repaired or replaced under warranty because there is no way for Amazon to verify whether you purchased these frames through them or not.

How To Check If Your Ray-Bans Are Still Under Warranty

If you want to know whether the warranty still covers your Ray-Ban sunglasses or not, all you need to do is check the receipt.

The receipt is the only document that will tell you if your Ray-Ban sunglasses are still under warranty. It should contain information about your purchase and the model number of your sunglasses.

There could be two types of receipts available with your Ray-Bans:

  • A physical receipt: If you purchased your Ray-Bans from an authorized retailer, you would have received an actual hard copy receipt along with your purchase. This receipt contains all the relevant details, including date of purchase, model number, etc.
  • An e-receipt: If you bought your sunglasses online from Amazon or any other such website, it is very likely that you might not have received any physical copy of the receipt and instead received an email confirmation about the same. The confirmation email should mention all the details about your purchase along with its date, model number, etc.

Alternatively, you can check whether your sunglasses are still under warranty by looking at the inside of the arms for an engraved number that corresponds with your specific model. If there isn’t any number on them, then they aren’t covered by the warranty policy and, unfortunately, won’t qualify for any repairs or replacements.

If you find an engraved number on your Ray-Bans, then all you need to do is visit Ray Ban’s website and enter it into their customer service chatbot (or call them if you prefer). The chatbot will then confirm whether or not your sunglasses are still under warranty and tell you what options are available for repairs or replacements if needed.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Pair Of Ray-Bans?

To fix a pair of Ray-Bans, the company will charge you a $12.50 processing fee and evaluate whether or not their warranty policy covers the damage. If so, they will send you an email with instructions on how to proceed with your claim—you can either send back your glasses or give them a call.

You will have to provide them with details about the damage, where you purchased it from, and the serial number of your pair of sunglasses. You will also need to include a copy of your receipt or invoice for proof of purchase. If you don’t have any proof of purchase, then ask for documentation such as photos or videos showing how the damage occurred to determine whether or not they can cover it under the warranty policy.

Will Ray-Ban Replace My Sunglasses?

Absolutely. As long as your glasses are still within the warranty period (which can be found on their website), then you will be able to receive a brand new pair of sunglasses for free. They will also provide you with a prepaid return label so that you can send back the old pair of glasses for them to recycle correctly after they have been inspected and fixed.

How Do I Insure My Ray-Bans Once the Warranty Expires?

Most Ray-Ban sunglasses come with a manufacturer’s warranty that lasts one year from the date of purchase. If your glasses break or malfunction, you can take them to any authorized retailer and get them repaired or replaced for free.

Once your warranty expires, however, you can still get repairs done, but they’ll cost you. That said, extending your warranty is easy if you have an existing pair of sunglasses and want to keep them in good working order for as long as possible.

The good news is that it’s easy to extend your warranty when it expires so long as you have an existing pair of Ray-Bans and want to keep them in good working order for as long as possible. Here’s how:

Visit any authorized retailer with your old pair of Ray-Bans and ask about extending their warranty. Suppose the store offers this service (which most do). In that case, they’ll just need to see proof of purchase—usually a receipt or credit card statement—and then they’ll give you an extended warranty card that covers everything except loss, theft, or intentional damage (for example, scratches).

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Recent Posts
We treat you like we want to be treated

We built AKKO as the insurance we wanted. Full coverage. Customer service that truly cares. 
Fair prices. And no hidden terms, ever. Crazy? Maybe. But it’s just the right thing to do.

Recent Post
We treat you like we want to be treated

We built AKKO as the insurance we wanted. Full coverage. Customer service that truly cares. 
Fair prices. And no hidden terms, ever. Crazy? Maybe. But it’s just the right thing to do.