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What Does Tablet Insurance Cover and What Does It Cost?

tablet insurance

There was a time when owning a simple flip phone or desktop computer was considered high-tech and cutting edge. 

Nowadays, not only have technological devices changed and improved significantly, but it’s also much more common to own several! 

Instead of just a cell phone or just a computer, most adults, college students, and even teens own a cell phone and a computer, as well as a tablet, MP3 player, accessories, and other tech devices.

The world of technology is constantly expanding. Devices we recognize are always being updated to perform new tasks, and new devices are often being invented to fulfill needs that are specific to modern society. It’s no surprise that the number of devices that the average person owns has increased by a wide margin over the past several years.

You’re probably familiar with health insurance, which is designed to ensure that you’re not left with a massive bill in the event of a medical emergency. Car insurance serves the same purpose for automobile issues and accidents. But did you know that you can insure your tech devices the same way you can insure your health or your vehicle?

Cell phones, laptops, desktop computers, and tablets serve a wide variety of functions, from work-related tasks like creating spreadsheets and documents to submitting assignments to connecting with coworkers in real-time through video chat or messaging features. They also provide purely entertaining activities, such as watching movies and TV shows, chatting with friends, and viewing and interacting with images through social media. 

Since tech devices support many of the activities that you associate with both work and play, it can be extremely disruptive to your life when they malfunction, become damaged, or are stolen or lost. This is where device insurance comes in — keeping you protected from the huge inconvenience of losing access to your gadgets.

Gadget insurance plans come in a wide variety of coverage, from basic to advanced protection and everything in between. Finding the right device insurance coverage for you will depend on which gadgets you own and want covered. You can even opt for a family plan or bundle to save big.

Tablets are one of the newer gadgets on the market, but they’ve exploded in popularity in recent years. People all over the world use them to work, connect with others, and be entertained. 

Love your tablet and need to make sure it’s insured against damage, theft, and loss? Let’s discuss the ins and outs of tablet insurance and what it can do for you. 

What is Tablet Insurance? 

Tablet insurance is exactly what it sounds like: an insurance plan designed to help you repair or replace your tablet should it show internal damage, get accidentally destroyed or rendered unusable by external factors, or become stolen or misplaced.

Even though the majority of people who own tablets also own other gadgets that need protection, finding a high-quality gadget insurance plan that covers all of your devices can be difficult to find. 

Many of the most well-known cell phone protection plans are limited to cell phones only, and if they do provide tablet insurance, it’s often very limited in scope and coverage. Just look at the plans offered by AppleCare, Verizon, T-Mobile, Geek Squad, and SquareTrade, to name a few.

You need comprehensive tablet insurance that will protect against anything that could go wrong. With AKKO phone protection plans, you can be confident that all of your devices are in good hands with excellent tablet insurance, as well as coverage for all of your other tech gadgets! 

Does the AKKO Plan Cover Tablets? 

Yes! At AKKO, we make it our priority to provide detailed gadget insurance plans that cover anything and everything that could happen to your device. We don’t stop there, however—with the full AKKO plan, you can insure up to 25 personal items that need protection from damage, theft, or loss — and that includes tablets.

Personal items that are covered by the AKKO plan include tech devices like tablets, computers, and cameras, audio gear, video game equipment, personal transportation like bikes and scooters, and even sports gear like snowboards, skis, and surfboards.

All of your tech gadgets can be fully protected against theft, damage, or loss. 

How Much Does Tablet Insurance Cost? 

In order to receive tablet insurance with AKKO, you’ll have to opt for the full AKKO plan as opposed to the cell phone only plan. Don’t worry — each of our plans are offered at competitive rates that will keep your monthly expenses low without sacrificing the high level of device protection you expect from AKKO.

Just like your coverage option, your monthly price for full AKKO coverage is tailored to you. Want to sign up for cell phone and personal item coverage just for yourself? You can get started for as little as $15 per month today! But if you’d like to sign up for a family plan or bundle, you can gain access to even better deals! 

AKKO Family Gadget Insurance Plan

Families and groups save big when they bundle with AKKO insurance. First, you get an automatic discount of 5% off your total just for bundling with a family plan. 

Next, any dependents in your plan are covered at a discounted rate when compared to average coverage prices. That means any kids on your plan that don’t own their devices can still get the same high-quality AKKO coverage at a reduced cost!

With AKKO, you can opt to pay monthly or annually, depending on your preferences. Family packages can apply with groups of as few as two people, and while adult deductibles for tablet theft and mechanical failures start at around $99 on average, student deductibles are only around $49. 

Does Tablet Insurance Cover Theft? 

Unfortunately, gadget owners of all ages and lifestyles have to be wary of their devices getting stolen. At AKKO, we understand that what happens to your precious gadgets isn’t always in your control. That’s why we cover both theft and vandalism under our full AKKO plan, as well as our cell phone only coverage option.

Whether your tablet is stolen from your bag, your home, your vehicle, or another location, you can count on guaranteed device replacement for your personal property with surprisingly low deductible rates. 

Though some device protection companies can charge deductibles of up to $400, ours will never cost you more than $99 (and often cost even less). 

Do Tablets Come with a Warranty? 

Depending on where you bought your tablet and whether you bought it new or refurbished, it probably came with a manufacturer’s warranty. This is a promise from the manufacturer that your device will be replaced should it show signs of internal error within a certain time frame after purchase. 

Generally, warranties are paid in full at the time of purchase or in monthly installments, and they last for as few as one or as many as four or five years.

The main difference between warranties and insurance is the fact that warranties typically don’t cover loss, theft, or external damages. Essentially, this includes anything you as the owner might have been responsible for. Insurance covers external damages, theft, and loss, as well as any manufacturer errors that might render the tablet unusable. 

Benefits of AKKO Gadget Insurance over a Warranty 

Warranties can be extremely useful if you invest in an expensive tech product that stops working soon after purchase through no fault of your own. In situations like these, you’ll typically receive a replacement device without having to pay any deductible fees or for the cost of repairs.

However, warranties are designed to be extremely restrictive. They only cover a few very specific damages that most tablet owners are unlikely to come across, especially with brand-new devices. 

With AKKO gadget insurance, you can trust that a wide variety of device issues will be covered, including:

  • Vandalism and theft
  • Vehicle break-ins
  • Manufacturer error
  • Liquid spills or submersion
  • Screen cracks

Warranties only cover a fraction of the potential damages that the full AKKO gadget protection plan covers. Plus, with a manufacturer’s warranty, you’re only guaranteed coverage for a few years, after which you’ll have to take full responsibility for any internal issues that occur. 

Your AKKO plan is built to last as long as you need it with full coverage for all of your precious items. 

Tablet Insurance: A Must-Have Protection

Whether you use your tablet for entertainment, social media, gaming, working, or a combination of activities, keeping it protected from damage and loss is of the utmost importance. 

When it comes to your tablet insurance strategy, don’t go along with your old gadget protection plans out of sheer convenience. You can save money and enjoy complete coverage for your cell phone and up to 25 precious items with an AKKO plan today!


Why AKKO Device Protection?
  • Protection for all your everyday must-haves.
  • Life happens. We cover it all including accidents and theft.
  • Highest ranked and top rated device insurance.
  • Coverage for new and pre-owned devices.
  • Same-day repairs and fast replacements.
  • We treat you like we want to be treated.
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Recent Posts
We treat you like we want to be treated

We built AKKO as the insurance we wanted. Full coverage. Customer service that truly cares. 
Fair prices. And no hidden terms, ever. Crazy? Maybe. But it’s just the right thing to do.

Recent Post
We treat you like we want to be treated

We built AKKO as the insurance we wanted. Full coverage. Customer service that truly cares. 
Fair prices. And no hidden terms, ever. Crazy? Maybe. But it’s just the right thing to do.